Returning to Flags

I've been lucky enough to sell artwork to the Omni Hotel, opening in Louisville Kentucky this coming May. In addition, they've asked for me to reinvent two flags I made by hand in the fall 2011. In Vogue We Trust has been reinvented to fit a smaller scale to contrast, and compliment my first ever Great Garrison Flag. Both of these are  6.5" x 13", instead of the 36'' x 72'' life-size scale that I normally work with. This tiny size proved to be difficult due to the intricate measurements, patterns and embroidery on each flag. 

Most people are confused and are unsure of what I mean when I say, "I'm making flags," which is understandable. It's a long process that initials a lot of math and attention. From making color samples so that you can replicate colors, to making the dye into a paste, and then taping, masking, and embroidering the material that is to be the final piece, and even all that doesn't cover it. So, I decided to make a video to show the process of making these pieces. I hope you enjoy!