A Big Texan American Flag in All It's Glory

Tonight I completed my second flag commission! It always feels overwhelmingly fantastic. Its almost as wonderful as graduating from college until I realize I have to get it together and make some major moves to get enough work for the next show while completing commissions on time. I know - it’s a lot.

This flag was pretty great though - my first summer flag, which meat embroidering by a lantern in Kentucky summer blackouts and listening to cicadas in their full rage; drinking margaritas and watching my family reconnect from my peripheral vision as I cut stencils; and most importantly not freezing in the basement. This was also a return to the original scale for these flags - 3’ x 6’! I love this size because it requires so much from your entire body. Washing something so large and trying not to stain it is always an emotional rollercoaster, but it promises the relief of champions once its hangs, sagging,  dripping, heavy and clean. This time I stopped to take a picture completely soaked, but happy the flag and I made it. The floor below me was soaked, and I was very thankful I had decided to take my phone and wallet out of my pockets before beginning since I was as drenched as if I had just retreated from a slip and slide. If you ever want to see me struggle through the process and follow along, I always document the process on my Instagram Stories. 

I’m always ready for the next one, so if you want to commission one yourself, hit me up on Etsy or email me at samanthaludwigart@gmail.com.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy how exhausted I look in these photos.