samantha ludwig

In Seeking Home - June 4 - July 23 at Sojourn

I am thrilled to have been invited to join the beautiful work of Jordan Leinhoop, Garrett O. Hansen, Adrienne Miller, and Laura Wennstrom at Sojourn Church in Louisville, Ky. In Seeking Home is a conglomeration of art contemplating  the idea of "home" has been wonderfully selected by the talented Jordan Leinhoop. It was such a pleasure to learn more about these artists and be included in this reflective show. Come see the artists talks at 5:00PM on July 9th.  For more information click here. 


KCAC Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Tonight the KCAC Undergraduate Juried Exhibition opened at the Kansas City Artist's Coalition gallery space near the River Market in Kansas City! I'm so excited to hear Tommy Frank, the Juror and Studio Manager at Red Star Studios, and to see the complete show including some of my latest drawings, as well as work from my good friend and peer Sebra Debrecht! It should be wonderful evening, and a great show! I hope to see everyone there! 

Studio Update!

Over the past few weeks I have continued my cityscape series that focuses on historical sociological disadvantages for the American population through a couple paintings and sculptures. The sculptures, which are made out of ripped newspapers and personal papers found in the trash, are light brown and khaki and molded into a house shape. So far I have made 200 of these small hand sized houses, and still working on more for an installation in which the public are free to take one. 

This installation/sculpture will be my first work in which the audience is welcome to take a piece of the artwork, however I have made multiple works that incorporate viewer's participation in order to engage my audience. I'm really excited to see how people react to these small houses, and wether people are more attracted to a specific size, color, or texture. I'm hoping to finish this project over the coming months and have it installed in the fall. 

Thanks for reading! 


I filled my ten hour drive from Louisville to Kansas City with stops in order to take some images. I've been looking at landscapes in the mid west to inform my color palette and compositional choices, and uses specific images of references for my landscape paintings and sculptures. This little nest of houses I found particularly interesting as they were surround by rolling hills, none of which held farms. It was so perfect and peculiar I knew I had to stop to capture this odd little neighborhood.